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  •  come on JJ--you know better than this. (0+ / 0-)

    It's not all that unlike tossing out a completely obnoxious talking point then blaming people for not wanting to discuss it civilly.

    What if I put up a diary saying 'The holocaust never happened' and laid out some ridiculous reasons for it, then used a condescendingly civil tone when people started going up-in-arms about it.

    It's also a bit like those  people who call all of our police officers 'fascists' then criticize people for yelling at them.  (this happens fairly often here)

    Gaza is awful, jj, but it ain't Treblinka.  It ain't Lodz.  Netanyahu isn't Pol Pot, or Edi Amin.  It's not Rwanda either--neither are the Palestinians the Armenians.  Gaza is Gaza, and Israel is Israel, and using political talking points solely to rile people up is completely counter productive.

    •  the fact you equate a divergent opinion on (4+ / 0-)
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      Gemut, bluedust, FloraLine, splintersawry

      israel's current actions to claiming the holocaust never happened, shows the post-intellectual bias on this subject.  it's propaganda on steroids.

      sure - it ain't treblinka for you.  and the only country that can never, ever, be equated with any other country in the entire universe - past, present, or future - is the untouchable, hallowed, 100% correct israel.

      the problem with your minimizing gaza's suffering, is that nearly every pro-israel poster on this subject doesn't even seem to equate a palestinian life with an israeli life.  the subhuman quality to the arguments toward these people is so disturbing.  

      as a liberal, i support peace, life, equality, equality of opportunity for my brothers and sisters worldwide.  not just as the political trends dictate.  i have never seen anything but a dominant militarized nation invading, killing and destroying property, with a couple of crude rockets in response (to say nothing of the non-battle conditions israel has placed on gaza).  the death toll right now is 100+ palestinians; 3 israelis.  without the constant propagandic onslaught and the insistence on keeping the message pure, the mere circumstances tell the story.  and i choose to believe my eyes.

      Romney in a landslide!

      by jj24 on Mon Nov 19, 2012 at 05:39:14 PM PST

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      •  I'm not minimizing anything. (1+ / 0-)
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        Dogs are fuzzy

        I haven't been to Gaza--but I have been to the West Bank and seeing the disparity between life there (as in Palestinian sections of E. Jerusalem) and the rest of Israel is what made me see the error of my own judgment wrt Israel.

        I use the holocaust denial example as an overstated extreme to demonstrate a point--not to equate.  You of course know that.

        And--objectively--it's not Treblinka.  The purpose of the miltary onslaught is not to kill for fun, but to eliminate a perceived security threat: ie. rocket fire.  You can argue that the threat is overstated and the results disastrous--but they are still not systematic death camps that exist for the sole purpose of death.  They're simply not, and to pretend that they are is nonsense.  I value no one life over another life.

        •  no, i don't know that you weren't equating, (1+ / 0-)
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          or else i wouldn't have said so.

          as to israel's justification:  my eyes see a different reality.  the US justified its unjustifiable actions with iraq in the same way you just did with israel... "perceived security threat."  lol.  yeah, i know all about unjustifiable killing from watching my own country do it.  

          peres is on CNN now, claiming that the palestinians are "Producers of death."  3 Israelis dead; 100+ palestinians, dead.  or 40 yrs now, i've been watching israel do this shit, and bitching that "they can stop this at any time, but they won't stop."

          i think i can figure this out on my own.

          and it somehow makes you feel good to assert that israel is minus the death camp aspect of this oppression?  or that because the degree isn't as severe, that it's not oppression?  what exactly is your argument?  far more important, what is israel's goals here?

          oh, good god, peres is now claiming iran is "a world problem; a center of world terror."  israel is like a spoiled, unruly child with the US as the crazy parent who can't say "no."  

          Romney in a landslide!

          by jj24 on Mon Nov 19, 2012 at 06:14:57 PM PST

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