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View Diary: Bush Crimes Back On The Table !!!! (41 comments)

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  •  Then why don't they tell me? (0+ / 0-)

    I barely hear enough talk about IT or even business analysis on Daily Kos.  In fact, NO ONE talks about business analysis.  No one even understands what it is or even what a business analyst is.  Well, perhaps they can explain it to me and I'd be happy to listen.

    That's good that you are working on a strategy at the moment.  Now, in the premise of marketing:

    1)  What are the response rates?  As in, what kind of people are responding?  How many people are signing up to your campaign?  Is it growing rapidly or slowly?

    2)  Have you used the same message as before or are you looking to change the message based on responses from activists or non-activists?

    3)  For the You Tube campaign, how many stats are you receiving? (i.e. how many comments)?

    I don't need to ask more questions but I invite you to offer me some data.

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