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View Diary: Post Mitt Romney, What Does "Whiteness" Mean to You? (18 comments)

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  •  I was sick of whiteness before I became a teenager (3+ / 0-)
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    We moved around a lot due to my father's work.

    My best friends were usually

    the wrong color
    the wrong religion
    from the wrong state
    had the wrong accent when they spoke
    and usually, anyone who didn't grow up there (where ever it was that we moved) was wrong for thinking they could just move in and expect people to be decent human beings.

    I learned the 'wrong' lessons growing up in the south.

    See, 2 of my best friends were Korean
    1 of my best friends was Catholic
    Several of my friends were from 'up north', or yankees as my southern peers liked to call them even if they had no idea why they really did so.

    Living in SC, the only friends I could have were those that were also not 'from there' because the White Southern Baptists in Lexington/West Columbia had a lock on prejudice of anyone who wasn't like them and they made sure their kids were as bigoted as they were.

    NC wasn't as bad, but has problems also.

    People wonder why I am so down on the South, being from the south and being a white male. Growing up, my southern peers taught me to dislike them, every day. It's a lesson I have not forgotten, and won't.

    When I hear southerners wax poetic on freedom, I know they really mean they wish they had the freedom to openly be bigots and not be called on it.

    -6.38, -6.21: Lamented and assured to the lights and towns below, Faster than the speed of sound, Faster than we thought we'd go, Beneath the sound of hope...

    by Vayle on Mon Nov 19, 2012 at 01:16:25 PM PST

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