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View Diary: Gaza Death toll tops 110 as Israel hits targets in densly packed residential areas killing civilians (201 comments)

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  •  hmm (8+ / 0-)
    What would disregard look like? Carpet bombing.
    The possibility of global outrage at perpetrating an out and out massacre might also have something to do with any decision not to carpet bomb Gaza.

    Also, even Israeli domestic public opinion probably wouldn't support such a thing.

    I don't know if Lefty's statement is true or not, but the absence of carpet bombing doesn't say much and is a pretty low bar to clear.

    When some prominent Israelis discuss the violence as "mowing the grass" it's hardly crazy to wonder how much this attitude pervades the IDF.  

    •  Either the IDF has disregard for Palestinian (1+ / 0-)
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      civilians or it does not.

      Once they have decided (right or wrong) that the best way to deal with the rocket attacks is to strike back, what method of striking back in a place such as Gaza (particularly Gaza City) would work without killing civilians?

      Israel deals with "global outrage" all the time and tends to not let that guide their military decisions as far as I can tell.

      "mowing the grass" is an unsourced remark from a panel on which none of the people are named in the article; how is this relevant?

      If you believe that ALL criticism of Israel is antisemitic, you're an idiot.
      If you believe that NONE of the criticism of Israel is antisemitic, you're a fool.
      If you call EVERYONE who criticizes Israel antisemitic, you're just an a$$hole

      by A Gutin Daf on Mon Nov 19, 2012 at 06:22:28 PM PST

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