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View Diary: Gaza Death toll tops 110 as Israel hits targets in densly packed residential areas killing civilians (201 comments)

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  •  I don't know how else to say this: (3+ / 0-)
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    murdering children is not OK, even if Obama defends the military occupier's right to murder children as a form of "self-defense."  Look at the rec list right now: anything and everything but the children of Gaza, who are fenced in and murdered 30 to 1.  If this is a reality-based community, we need to pay more attention to the reality of Gaza and less to the ratings war between corporate-owned MSNBC and corporate-owned FOX.

    Now I'll also say it's not OK to shoot an artillery rocket into Israel. Understanding the day to day reality of life in the Occupied Territories, the unbelievable insanity of life under Occupation, and the near-impossibility of changing anything there, however, represent small steps toward understanding a miniscule part of the context for this artillery rocket being fired.

    I don't care if 60% of CNN's sample defends the murder of children who have been literally penned in.  I really fucking don't.  I'm very glad indeed Romney lost, but that doesn't keep me from feeling nauseous now about my vote for Obama.

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