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  •  could you elaborate? (0+ / 0-)

    I'm not certain what you mean.

    •  sure (2+ / 0-)
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      Kevskos, radical simplicity

      Hey there, all you 1% guys with the growing wealth piles, calling yourselves job creators... but complaining about high unemployment levels... but don't want your taxes to go up which would allow the govt to actually hire people...

      use it or lose it.

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        The argument is too easy to reframe -- it makes out the government to be the enemy of the people.  But the government should not be their enemy, there ought not be an adversarial relationship between the government and the people.  

        Rather, there should be a cooperative relationship between them.  The government should not be taxing as a punitive measure, the government is not punishing the rich for being rich.  They are taxing the rich, and using demand side stimulus, in order to empower democracy of the market.  Our nation is built upon this Market Democracy, as much as it is built upon it's political democracy.  And, I believe that we ought to be able to uphold this principle through the aid of the government.

      •  You're buying into a false meme (0+ / 0-)
        . . . but don't want your taxes to go up which would allow the govt to actually hire people...
        Taxes neither allow nor constrain government spending. They impart the quality of value to the currency, the quantity of value being what you are willing to do to get some of it.

        All spending is done with new money creation on the government's balance sheet. That new money is converted to bonds (and destroyed) because that's what the financial sector demands of the politicians it buys offices for. But the money is ALWAYS created before the bond. How else would it exist in the private sector? The government is the sole issuer!

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