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  •  I remember, a few years ago on NHPR there was (5+ / 0-)

    a tiny little story that was so odd it caught my ear. The catch-phrase was "...American pension funds, invested in Russia," which were in danger because of financial improprieties over there. They went on to mention Bill Browder by name, and that he ran the Hermitage Fund, which I had recently heard of when I misspelled Heritage online one time.

    So what that meant to me was "Wow! I had no idea we had forgiven the cold war long enough to invest the pension funds of older people into Russia!" Then when I went to see what exactly Browder was so worried about I found out that Gazprom was basically their version of Enron, so it didn't really matter if you had Arthur Anderson vs PriceWaterhouseCooper.

    So while I was watching it begin with "a pipeline across Iran, Iraq, Syria, and Turkey" is it still okay when it's not our idea?

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