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  •  if the office workers were with us (6+ / 0-)

    we would be a much more powerful negotiator. Part of the stress of the strike is how long or if the company can produce without you. If a company is making money while on strike they will not negotiate. Anyone doing their normal job is a benefit to the company during a strike. It is one less weakness. Not to mention a body to pull to another area. This is why picket crossers injure us all.

    They tried to produce for 4 or 5 days before they quit trying. That's 4 or 5 days we are behind schedule.

    Just to be clear, I fully understand the reasons why the office workers and supervisors continued to work and cross the picket line. They were non union and couldn't lean on the Union financially. Peace to all of you, I hope to deliver your copy paper again someday. They weren't enough to keep production up anyway.

    But if they were with us I bet there would have been no effort to produce and resist the strike. We would be at least 4 days further into this process.

    My disappointment is in the 7 bakers who crossed and put their families above mine. I think it takes a special kind of selfishness to earn your hourly that the union negotiated for you while we stood on the sidewalk trying to help you keep that hourly.

    •  Did the Teamsters support the strike in Lenexa? (1+ / 0-)
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      Just wondering- the transport drivers at the old bakery in KC were always seriously into solidarity.

      •  I say it best in the video-yes, but in the end no (4+ / 0-)

        The Teamster's did a mail in ballot. We did a meeting with a ballot box. The bakers were unanimous in Lenexa. I don't know of any Teamsters who were publicly supporting the contract offer. I realize when you are out numbered people often keep opinions to themselves. But that is the point. They were clearly outnumbered by Teamsters who were absolutely with us.

        I have lost no respect for any of my Teamster Brothers and Sisters who worked during the strike. If the national doesn't support the strike then individual members will lose their jobs if they don't cross the picket line. There were rumors for days that they were waiting for some kind of 48 hour time warning period. In the end the national IBT never did support us and drove trucks till the last minute. I have no idea why.

        If you would have told me that the Teamsters would vote for the elimination of their own pension for the benefit of hedge funds...but they did.

        We voted days before the Teamster mail in deadline. Most wouldn't have known what we did at the time they sent their ballots. We went out of our way to let them know we were turning down the offer. They told us the same thing.

    •  I work in an office. (6+ / 0-)

      I'm part of the support staff in a big corporation.  I have more in common with you than I do with the people I support.  Too bad so many others don't understand that.

      Unfortunately, I'm in a "right-to-work-and-get-treated-like-shit-with-no-recourse" state.  Not sure what options I have, if any.

      By the way, regarding Hostess -- I noticed in the past few days that my low-information Facebook friends have gone from posting "Unions took our Twinkies!" to posting viral charts and graphics about how management wrecked the company.  (And I'm doing my part to correct the fewer and fewer stragglers who are still criticizing the workers.)  Word is definitely getting around about who really ruined the company.

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