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  •  Mike, (2+ / 0-)
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    rasfrome, jj24

    I thought you were GREAT!  So YOU pay in $4 into your pension and the company decides NOT to contribute that into the Pension Fund?

    If that is true, then that is a Felony since the company MUST remit EE share of pension contributions to the Fund within 30 days.


    •  more details of what they steal per hour (2+ / 0-)
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      murphy, white blitz

      In the last few days I have been provided with lots of info by the Union. Here are some specific numbers about my pay in Lenexa.
      These numbers are PER HOUR
      $3.26 per person to the pension fund
      $.75 per person to retiree insurance (emergency fund we provide retirees no matter their bakery 'company' history)
      $.24 per person to retiree death benefits (again irregardless of bakery 'company')
      That is a total of $4.25 per hour to our various pension and insurance plans. That money was voted by the membership to be moved off of our hourly wage and into those programs. It is not now, nor was it ever, theirs. The retiree insurance plans will eventually dry up. Think about that last $.99 and what it says about who we are dealing with.
      I will go into much more detail in the next few days in order to eliminate falsehoods that appear to be floating on forums everywhere. If you see some, please correct them.

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