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View Diary: Anti-abortion zealot Phill Kline facing disbarment (11 comments)

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    As someone whose medical records may potentially have been passed around to anti-abortion zealots, I have to take issue with your comment that Kline deserves a fair and impartial review. The man is scum and deserves nothing. His reckless disregard for the law was a horrifying affront to the people of the State of Kansas whom he was supposed to be protecting and serving, as the lawyer for the State. Instead he abused the power of his office to zealously invade the privacy of women, such as myself, who sought care at Planned Parenthood locations in the state, all in an attempt to persecute physicians, nurses, health care workers and administrative staff of any office that might provide abortions to women, as if that was not legal. You've NO idea what it feels like to know that your private medical records might have been obtained in relation to this witch hunt and were not treated with the care and diligence with which anyone with respect for the law and the privacy of citizens might expect an actual attorney to treat those records. When I legally sought care and treatment at Planned Parenthood, where was my due process under the law that this man was perhaps allowed to have copies of my medical records without my knowledge or consent and then he didn't even take proper security measures, but treated them as if they were his own to share, pass around and wave around on television? And this part of the issue doesn't even TOUCH what part he might have played in the murder of George Tiller.

    Never fear, he will get his "due process" which he did not afford to others. He will get his fair treatment, which he doesn't deserve. And if there is any justice, he will have his license permanently suspended (affording him no legal avenue to ever apply for rehabilitation under the laws of the State of Kansas) and some day will be prosecuted for violations and abuses that he, as the most reckless and neglegent attorney I have ever seen, committed while he was supposed to be serving the people of Kansas.

    "When great changes occur in history, when great principles are involved, as a rule the majority are wrong." -Eugene V.Debs

    by ksliberal1 on Tue Nov 20, 2012 at 07:11:07 AM PST

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      I'm not from Kansas, but it sounds like it is likely he'll be disciplined based on his misconduct.

      But everyone deserves due process, even the worst and most horrible criminals.  Due process was a good idea when the Magna Carta was written, it was a good idea when our Constitution was written, and it's still a good idea today.

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