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    I only brought this up because I had heard this used by some gay co-workers a number of years ago.  They seemed to use it tongue-in-cheek, and even somewhat humorously.  

    That being said, I only brought this up here as a matter of conversation and reaction.  I'm sure that you can understand that no offense intended on my part to anyone.  And this is a term I don't even really think of using myself..... but the nature of this diary made me think of it.  

    It just goes to show that in dialogue and wording these days, care needs to be used for the most part so that there may neither be any implicit or explicit demeaning of any groups or individuals.

    Thanks for your response, and it is taken to heart and mind with me.    

    •  Oh, I figured you didn't intend offense! (1+ / 0-)
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      Sorry if my response came off more sharply than I intended.  I do find the term objectionable, but I didn't think you meant it to be.

      And yes, very true; we do need to take care, and stay sensitive.  It's a process.

      All the best to you.  :)

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