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  •  Yes, "PC" is a right-wing slur (2+ / 0-)
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    There is no such thing as "politically correct" speech. That phrase is almost always intended as an insult. There are no college classes on "How To Be Politically Correct". There are no books advising people on the rules of PC. If you have a microphone and ask people to raise their hand if they are PC, nobody will raise their hand.

    The problem with the word "correct" is that people either think of the correct answer to, say, a mathematics problem (and if you're not correct, you fail the test) or they think about the correct fork to use for eating a salad (which is a really unimportant mistake, if you think about it).

    Then you put "politically" in front of "correct." Is it about the one correct way to do things (like the answer to a math question)? Or is it a trivial thing (like which fork to use)?

    I wrote a DKos diary about it back in 2009 (The Myth of Political Correctness).

    But the angle said to them, "Do not be Alfred. A sailor has been born to you"

    by Dbug on Tue Nov 20, 2012 at 09:03:23 PM PST

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