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  •  so sorry you are without insurance and also (9+ / 0-)

    have chronic health expenses and issues.
    How stressful.

    I think for many people that kind of situation depending on their income and its security would be extremely upsetting form of chronic stress. Some people would cut corners that might effect their health, even.

    Such stress is bad for health physical and mental, for some. It would be for mine. I have chronic health issues but also have insurance, thank goodness. I live MA.

    Reason we have tried to reform healthcare and extend it to more people.

    I am sure there are others in your boat on Kos that will comment.

    •  I went bare for 4 years before MC kicked in (8+ / 0-)

      and went w/o medical care because of medical bills for other family members that totaled around $1M.  HCA will absolutely save money in the long run, and recite this mantra to anyone who disagrees: "cheapest care is chronic illness that is prevented; next is chronic illness that does not become acute; next is acute that is survived while the most expensive is acute care with morbidity.  Some years ago the stats on morbid acute care was that 10% of pts consumed 90% of MC costs and those costs were most commonly in the last 60 days of life

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