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View Diary: Shocking World Bank Climate Report 'A 4 degree C World Can And Must Be Avoided' (98 comments)

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    "the atmosphere in outer space will become colder, which will cause a new set of problems"
    A couple of questions:
    - How is the carbon escaping the atmosphere?
    - Once it gets out of the atmosphere, what's making it stay near enough to earth that it could affect temperature from there?
    - How is it creating conditions that would do anything other than further warm the atmosphere beneath it?
    - How many degrees of temperature difference is it making?
    - What is the problem set that will be caused?

    I ask, because in my understanding, the temperature of "space" near earth ranges from approximately 123℃ (254℉) on the sunny side of earth, and -233℃ (-387℉) on the shady side, with variations depending on solar flares and other phenomena. That's a typical 641 degree Fahrenheit temperature variation per day. It's hard to imagine any temperature effect whatsoever from an infinitesimally tiny change due to "stuff" escaping the atmosphere.

    In addition, if something has enough velocity to escape the atmosphere, then it doesn't generally just stop and hang around just outside the atmosphere, it slides off into space, because space is a vacuum and presents no resistance to slow the stuff down. This is why rocket science is hard. Making it so what you're sending up doesn't just fly away in a straight line when it leaves the atmosphere takes just the right amount of energy exerted in just the right direction at just the right time relative to the mass of the object that's leaving the atmosphere.

    And finally, the reason the oceans are in trouble is because CO2 is drawn down from the atmosphere - this is why it comprises such a large percentage of the mass of sedimentary rocks. This is also why the oceans are becoming more acidic - from the carbolic acid forming as the CO2 is absorbed into the water.

    The only reason there's so much up there right now to cause our warming problem, is because we're forcing it up there more rapidly than it can fall back down and be absorbed.

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