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  •  Carnegie Mellon is the gold standard (3+ / 0-)

    Carnegie Mellon University: Undergraduate Women in Computer Science: Experience, Motivation and Culture

    They have a long term study of heir undergraduates which is incredibly revealing.

    Gender Gap in Previous Experience

    During the interviews with first-year CS students, many of the women speak of feeling less prepared than the other students in the department. To obtain more insight into this issue, we distributed a survey questionnaire to all first-year CS students regarding their experience and knowledge of computers prior to attending CMU. Our study confirms a significant gap between male and female prior experience, noted in other studies as well [2,3]. It is notable that 40% of the male respondents from the CMU first-year class passed the AP exam, thereby placing out of the CMU introductory level computing class. None of the first-year women placed out. Also, we found a correlation between females students' sense of feeling less prepared and their actual experience with computers prior to CMU.

    Gap Between Perceived and Actual Ability

    Despite this difference in how students evaluate themselves, there is a gap between women's perceived ability and their actual performance. Despite their modest estimates of their own standing in the class, three out of the seven first-year students made the Dean's List (which turned out to be about the top third of the class) in the first semester, and six of the seven women made a B or A average for the first year.

    This is the kind of thing that doesn't dissipate in job interviews.  Women are less likely to trumpet their achievements across the board.

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