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    We should push early voting by mail more, targeting heavily blue wards. The total number of mail-in early votes was down this time, from 269,801 in 2008 to 241,584 in 2012. The latter number might grow a little with late-postmarked ballots not counted yet, but it looks like it will come in under, given that mail-in ballots were pretty much trickling in the last few days before the election.

    In 2008 I worked a little with a group in Columbus called Vote From Home that promoted vote-by-mail in heavily Democratic wards. We had like 10,000 voters in our database if I recall correctly, whom we walked through registration, early voting and tracked to make sure they tuned out. There was no such operation this time as far as I know, and I get the impression that these areas were underserved by OFA. If so, we should turn that around next time.

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