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    I sincerely hope that Congressman elect Murphy chooses a location for his St Lucie County HQ in the heart of NW Fort Pierce. It was due to the dedicated efforts of members of that community that he won.

    During the campaign, a little noticed campaign effort of the benighted West campaign was to put up West posters all over the NW Fort Pierce area accusing Murphy's campaign of being "racist". In addition, they contributed $$ to some local black community "activists" to campaign for West along with their support in 2 non partisan races .

    These few "activists" were outnumbered by the REAL community leaders who campaigned tirelessly for Murphy and President Obama and the WHOLE Democratic slate.

    St Lucie County has had its share this past election season of dirty tricks from the Republicans, which included Gov. Scott interfering in a County Commission race, ( the Dem. won) as well as sending "observers" to force a recount.

    You can bet that if the NEW recount figures had benefited West instead of Murphy that the 12 noon "deadline" would have been extended.

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