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View Diary: Republicans still furious at Chris Christie for being governor (211 comments)

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  •  Been here before: Charlie Crist (6+ / 0-)

    I hear an echo...Crist said

    he "didn't stand with our president because of what it could mean politically."

    “I did it because uniting to recover from the worst financial crisis of our lifetimes was more important than party affiliation. I stood with our nation's leader because it was right for my state," said Crist.

    What would be delicious irony is if Crist runs against Scott and becomes the governor of Florida again,  and if Christie likewise becomes disgusted with the ostracism he's facing and eventually switched parties.

    It is worth noting that Charlie Crist didn't quit the Republican Party until it became clear that the base had quit him during the 2010 U.S. Senate primaries.  Christie might have to face a similar challenge to get him to move.

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