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    As an independent voter in NJ, christie's favorbility in my eyes has skyrocketed through his handling of Sandy.  One of the things that has changed most about him is my perception of his, shall we say, brash demeanor with critics.  Where he often comes off as an a-hole, this episode, and even his spoofing it himself on SNL, has shown how his willingness to tell people to shove off has made it easier for him to actually do his job to help the people of NJ.  It shows, too.  Christie didn't play politics in the face of a severe crisis.  He did what he was supposed to, worked with the people he needed to, and prasied the people that helped him, and if you compare how NJ fared with Staten Island in the face of similar destruction, NJ came out on top by a mile.  Christie deserves very high marks for his handling of the whole situation.  Most telling was, a week after the election, he said in an interview that President Obama is still in contact with him every day to make sure that together they can best help the people in need.  This, to me, is the incontrovertible proof that both guys were just working in the best interest of the people they serve and not doing any political grandstanding.

    Christie is up for election in 2 years here.  Despite my increasingly favorable view of Christie, my own personal views on issues are more progressive than either the general independent voting population in NJ or Christie himself or the GOP mainstream in NJ, so it may not be enough for him to win my vote (although I always reserve judgment until I see who exactly is running in an election), but my sense is that, in general, Christie will likely win overwhelming support from independents and possibly even conservative minded Democrats, especially those in the storm zone, and will likely win re-election fairly easily. If that happens, if he does win re-election in a blue state with bipartisan and independent support, he will be taken seriously on the national level.

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