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View Diary: Republicans still furious at Chris Christie for being governor (211 comments)

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  •  Well Christie went further than he needed to (4+ / 0-)

    diary notes

    who would have rather seen Christie screw over the people of his state than work with President Obama
    You do have a point that he also made the need for and acceptance of aid pretty glaring.

    But if he had taken the aid and simply been polite to the president their reaction against him would not be so strong.

    He was more than polite to Obama, he was effusive in his thanks and praise. Obama didn't need him to be extra nice to get the aid, it was not a price for getting relief aid.

    Christie thanked him and praised him, his leadership and efficiency repeatedly and enthusiastically. Photos showed their real connection.

    I don't think romney wanted to hurt mitt, he just wasn't thinking about him. The disaster was real. His people were suffering. Part of what republicans liked about Christie was his bluntness, him blurting out what he thinks. Because he is something of an asshole much of the time we have seen that come out as being rude to people who irritate him.

    But this was just the other side of bluntness. This was a different emotional reaction that poured forth. His gratitude was genuine

    I can see republicans feeling he didn't need to go as far as he did. Christie goes far for when he is triggered. That's him.

    I wouldn't be thrilled if a star Kerry advocate had been that  gushingly praising bush just before 2004, though I'd expect him to be polite.
    I admit I was bemused by Christie as I watched him gush on. He wasn't thinking politically, just reacting from his gut. The president is suppose to be sort of a dundering demon and even Christie talked about him that way on the campaign trail before that point. Post Sandy Christie exposed that view of Obama as a show, a sham.

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