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View Diary: Nutjob Rand Paul threatens to run for president because funny (38 comments)

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  •  actually, 2016 is beginning to look very, very (0+ / 0-)


    At this particular stage, and knowing that there's a lot of time where a lot could change between now and then, it appears that the following Republicans are angling, ever so not-so-subtly, to "dip their toes in the waters" of running for president in 2016: Sen. Marco Rubio, a Cuban-American from Florida,  Sen. Rand Paul, a libertarian from Kentucky, Florida's former Gov. Jeb Bush, of the family that has given us not one but two failed presidents in recent history, Sen. Ted Cruz, the Hispanic-American Tea Bagger from Texas, Gov. Bobby Jindal, an Indian-American from Louisiana, South Carolina Gov. Nikky Haley, also of Indian-American heritage, Gov. Rick Perry
    of Texas and Gov. Chris Christie of N.J. and  Rep. Paul Ryan of Wisconsin, for instance.

    If all of those folks run, it should be quite interesting and could turn out to be quite a slugfest. Jeb Bush would likely be considered the "front runner" of the above bunch if, for no other reason, than his name and connections to those with lots of names and money.

    On the other side, it appears that those seeking the 2012 Democratic presidential nominee might include Hillary Clinton, Gov. Martin O'Malley of MD, possibly Vice President Joe Biden and, perhaps a few others (i.e. Sen.-elect Elizabeth Warren of MA, Gov. Mitch Daniels of IN, Gov. Andrew Cuomo of NY, Sen. Mark Warner of VA).

    •  Let's take back the House in 2014 first, OK? (1+ / 0-)
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