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  •  Yep, which is why on Election Night... (4+ / 0-)

    here in California, we were initially worried that Prop. 30 would fail, and that all of us in the UC system would be hit with a massive 20.3% tuition hike in January.  But then we saw online that 0% of L.A. County had reported, and that the initial reports from San Francisco, Alameda, and Marin were showing Prop. 30 passing with wide margins.  That made us breathe a bit easier.

    Take, for instance, Modoc County in the northeastern corner of California.  It's heavily Republican, and Romney won almost 70% of the vote there.  But this is how many votes he actually got.

    Barack Obama (D) 1,113 27.9%
    Mitt Romney (R)  2,779 69.7%

    It's easy to fully report your county when less than 4,000 people voted IN THE ENTIRE COUNTY.

    Meanwhile, we've already counted almost 2,770,000 ballots in Los Angeles County.  That takes... a bit longer to do.

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