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  •  No Kidding about non-partisan redistricting.. (3+ / 0-)

    "If you're not in a state with non-partisan redistricting, there's something for you to start working for."

     All the states that had independent or non-incumbent related redistricting (CA, FL, AZ) ended up gaining Democratic seats.

     The answer why is pretty simple, and that's because of cities. If you don't consider politics in the mix, it makes sense to keep an urban district intact, and that normally leads to a democratic seat. Republicans like to use a sort of "pizza slice" method, which is a large portion of the district takes in the country or suburbs, then goes in and grabs a small part of the city, but not enough to be more than half of voter turnout. Look at what Texas did to Austin for example. There's more than enough population from Austin to San Antonio for three democratic seats, but they only allowed one.

     There should be far more democratic congressional seats in OH, PA, NC, and MI than there are, but the 2010 midterms hurt bad.

     At least we had IL to make up for one of those, but I really wish all redistricting nationwide could be done independently. Tall order though considering some of the state laws out there...


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