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    You're saying that someone who supports Roe vs. Wade is automatically pro-women's rights? That we should be content because a random dude agrees that we are human beings and should be able to exercise a modicum of bodily autonomy? That we should settle for overprivileged politicians who don't know or care about the myriad other problems institunionalized misogyny has done to women and to the nation in general? Or are you one of those who think abortion is the only issue out there for women because absolute gender equality has already been achieved or something? Yes, it wasn't the main point of your post but gender inequality should not just be brushed aside like it's a one-issue problem.

    Women's rights should concern everyone and the hurdles to be overcome are still enormous. The rights women are fighting for are social issues but they are also absolutely vital economic issues. It's the epitome of irony that Americans call their country enlightened, civilized, a model for the world - or ever better, "the free world" or "the greatest nation in the history of the world" - when it refuses to grant 51% of its citizens many, many basic human rights.

    THIS is what our next candidate should aware of as well. But that Webb guy seems more preoccupied with horny (read: slutty slut) women distracting all those selfless, great, heroic soldiers from performing their duty. The fact that many of these selfless heroes are women has probably escaped him - ditto with the fact that the rates of rape and continual sexual assault (perpetrated by men, of course) are sky-high in the US military and that female soldiers who are victim of rape routinely get told just to "get over it" because none of those rapists will ever get so much as a reprimand, let alone face any sort of criminal prosecution.

    But if you tell Webb that I'm sure he'll twist that into another "argument" for not letting women join the forces: "These women wouldn't have been raped if they hadn't invaded the traditionally male territory of war because everybody knows guys can't keep it in their pants when they come across a lot of seductive women - you know, human nature! - so let the boys do their jobs with as few distractions as possible. Women are not fit for battle anyway. So this is really a win-win for men and women!"

    Is that what you want the next Democratic President to be like?

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