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  •  Deep gratitude for all Kossacks (4+ / 0-)

    DK became a much-needed haven for me during the 2002 mid-terms. I don't remember how I found you ... a TPM link, perhaps? ... but this quickly became healing ground for still-raw wounds from 2000. I kept returning because of the intelligent, respectful discourse, the high standards for accuracy, the humor and the compassion. Later, Street Prophets reminded me that being a Progressive Christian wasn't a contradiction in terms. Ah, my people.

    Through the years I shared countless diaries and directed people here for fact-based information about important issues. But I only recently joined, finally realizing that it was selfish to take so much without giving back in a tangible way -- voting with my dollar.

    Certain bloggers have stood out at different times, but I can't begin to name them all. I believe the sentiment expressed in the original post, that each person makes a difference and contributes to the overall excellence of this community. I also agree with those who have praised the collective Kossack work during this year's election (both here and on the ground). I don't remember another time when so many from DK were included in the public dialogue at every level -- local, state, regional and national. And those people were called upon because of the quality of their reporting and experiences.

    Thank you, and well done!

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