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View Diary: There was no 'war on coal,' but there should be. Just not on the backs of miners. Delay is denial (117 comments)

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  •  Ecological Restoration for Coal Country (6+ / 0-)

    In 2008 John Todd won the Buckminster Fuller Challenge award with an alternative future for Appalachia, a future where

    ...mining toxins are remediated, coal lands restored, and a new economy is based upon renewable energy, natural resources, enterprise diversification and an ownership society... a future in which carbon is no longer an atmospheric pollutant but is sequestered in soils and biota.
    This is a four stage plan using ecological design to first heal the land and biomes, create a working landscape which sequesters carbon to mitigate against and, in some cases, more readily adapt to climate change, build a renewable energy future using only solar income, and establishing institutions and a shared ownership culture with a 10,000 year perspective.

    John Todd has laid out a way to imagine a restored and restorative coal country.  Lots of possibilities there that are currently not in the public conversation yet.

    John Todd's more recent work at

    This is one example of ecological engineering and restorative on a scale that approaches terraforming or geoengineering:

    Solar is civil defense. Video of my small scale solar experiments at solarray.

    by gmoke on Sun Nov 25, 2012 at 02:27:45 PM PST

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