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View Diary: There was no 'war on coal,' but there should be. Just not on the backs of miners. Delay is denial (117 comments)

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  •  I don't think that will happen with Obama (0+ / 0-)

    MB, maybe you have an insight on his plans that I've not heard about (and that wouldn't surprise me and mercifully enlighten me if so), but this seems like one of those cases where Obama continues to surprise his detractors who invent the worst of him, and his supporters who invent their own vision of what they want him to be, by sticking with the same guns he always has, for better or worse unless there is overwhelming evidence of clear and present dynamics to the contrary  (OK, marriage equality maybe being the only key exception I can think of).  

    Barack Obama has always had this technocrat's Tinkerbell fantasy about clean coal, has had since he was in the Illinois legislature.  That's what so nuts about this "Obama wants to declare war on coal!" meme, there's just no evidence then or now to back it up.  Time after time, when he mentions "green jobs" as an objective, "clean coal" doesn't follow far behind in the speech.

    Similarly, he was as I understand it as pro-reformed-nukes as anybody--certainly any Dem.--in his days in the IL State Senate, and still holds that close as a priority.  In several key junctures during his first administration (I'll look it up if you really want me to, I'm sure it's all over the Sierra Club bulletins from a couple of years ago) he personally advanced priorities on accelerated licensing and approval of nuclear facilities.

    Yes, he stood firm against Keystone XL, and is sincere in a future that moves beyond oil.  He simply has never made that claim on coal, nor do I see as I sit here now that he intends to of his administration's own volition.

    He has certainly moved towards greater safety for coal miners and improved environmental standards for coal mines as a subject of licensing.  There are plenty of Republicans in coal states that share that emphasis as well.

    Either way, it doesn't appear to be about coddling votes.  It's part of his core system of beliefs about US energy and its future, unless I'm missing something.

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