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  •  Environmental movement has a privilege problem (0+ / 0-)

    I lost track of how many organizers Sierra Club and Green Corps sent to Illinois who all fit pretty much the same profile. New York or California native born to a wealthy family, expensive private school graduate. For all their talk of diversity, they have a real problem hiring anyone who comes from a different background. It hurts in rural areas and communities of color. Despite a short-lived foray into Illinois coal country, they do little outside the Chicago area.

    You aren't going to see a big, well thought out push in coal country as long as groups like Sierra Club, Green Corps and their top funders are almost exclusively lead by people who all come from the same urban, wealthy, coastal background. The movements will have to be locally and regionally lead. Hopefully big green funders start to understand that and give more resources to groups like Kentuckians for the Commonwealth.

    I've been making the same point that the politics of coal will only change once people see real clean energy jobs in coal country. It will have to be done without the help of the useless coal politicians and economic development officials in those areas who are content waiting for the mines to hire more people. There must be a concerted effort to locate green jobs in coal country, because it's not happening nearly enough.

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