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View Diary: Country, NYT still ignorant of how marginal tax rates work (22 comments)

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  •  Here is why I think she didn't know what it meant (0+ / 0-)
    planned to closely monitor the business income from their joint practice to avoid crossing the income threshold for higher taxes outlined by President Obama on earnings
    Why bother to spend effort to monitor such a borderline situation if she really thought that her only goal was to not have to work extra once she hit the 250K mark because she didn't want to pay $4 more for every $100 in extra income? I would expect a more casual slowdown because businesses tend to have an approximate idea of where they are. The energy spent monitoring that incoming revenue and scheduling patients just to avoid that cutoff is too much hassle to avoid going a little over the cutoff.
    THe only reason you would do that is if you dont want to work that extra hour on principle alone. But I doubt that's the case.

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