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View Diary: Angry senator continues bizarre attack on Obama administration (96 comments)

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  •  They're speaking for the Republican Party (3+ / 0-)
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    powers that be, just as was Romney, though the more cautious try to distance themselves from the work.

    The over-riding purpose here has nothing to do with the incident itself except as a propaganda attack to try to revive the exaggerated and disproportionate fear of terrorism that allowed the mind-boggling malfeasance and rewriting of language and legislation and creation of laws to perpetuate the justification of almost anything through that strategy.

    Although they would love to destroy Obama and the Democratic Party with such false attacks that's only half the game.  The other and ultimately more important is to continue the battle that the Rightwing has invested incredible amounts of time and money building since Reagan.  I know that it began long before then and has always been a battle, but Reagan was the first modern really popular president to successfully implant their policies and proselytize their ideology across the majority of the nation.

    It's a return to this state as at least equal to progressivism
    that I believe we are seeing now and that will continue through the next four years if it isn't crushed.

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