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  •  Does anybody else find interesting (2+ / 0-)
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    rowanleigh, tardis10

    that there is a lack of current employees of Walmart commenting in any of these labor diaries?  Even on the anonymous internet the employees are cowed.  Surely there are current employees here at Daily Kos, reading and rec'cing, just not commenting.

    •  Yes, it is interesting and I (1+ / 0-)
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      would really like to hear from them.  

      I would like feedback on my question above from some of the employees.

      I'm very excited that Walmart employees are finally standing up.  I hope the nation finally understands that Walmart's greed wastes huge amounts of public resources just so the rich can get richer.

      The current action may also put a face to the people who receive public assistance, so that those who don't can stop demonizing poverty!

      Maybe this is the beginning of something big.  I sure hope so!

    •  I comment (6+ / 0-)

      write diaries even. I work as a Cashier/Customer Service associate.

      Full-time at 33 hours for $8.90 per hour

      •  Congrats at full time, they won't let me work a (4+ / 0-)

        minute past 32 hrs, part time you know.  Knowing at least one is here beside me could help me comment more about what I have observed.  

        •  hey True (4+ / 0-)

          We just had a forced retirement by one of the best cashiers ever.

          He was punching in five minutes early-a frequent tactic to bump up hours just a little bit-because he was told he could punch in 10 minutes early and out 10 minutes late and have it not count against him.

          Well, that used to be the policy. He got called back to the office, and received a coaching-(reprimand) and he said,  "I will just punch in five minutes late, because five minutes early is not considered on time, but 10 minutes late is? "

          He just decided that it was time to retire instead.

          And yeah, I think the workers are running scared. I am scared that I will get fired for organizing people for a donation drive for one our workers.

          •  Geez, management will kick the workers around (0+ / 0-)

            with that damn policy every time it can.
            While my heart is with the strikers in the coming days, my ass is going to be at work tomorrow thru Monday, my regular shift.  At least in my position I don't have to screw around with any of the blitz crap, just come in and do my usual thing.  I'm not anticipating any strikes at my wallyworld, as it's a right-to-work for less state I'm in.

      •  Thank you for your diaries. (3+ / 0-)
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        trueblueliberal, rowanleigh, mgoodm

        Somehow I missed them.  Really appreciate the great storytelling.  Your words paint a thousand pictures.  Well done, and keep it up!!

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