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    i love san fran, chimpy

    I stopped shopping there years ago. My decision was based on a report about how they treat people overseas.  They are not the only ones, just one of the worst.

    And then of course so much more started coming out about how they treat people here.

    So glad this is happening.  

     netrootsnation is supporting the boycott/strike.  You can donate and sign up to participate in the thunderclap on twitter.


    •  I shop at Costco in Tokyo (2+ / 0-)
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      i love san fran, ShoshannaD

      I can't back this up with hard data, but my impression is that they give good positions to non-Japanese workers, which probably compares favorably to other places.  

      The layout is the same as the U.S., except that in Japan you can't get sausage.  The aisles (at Costco and elsewhere) are full of hideous little rubber wieners, but I have yet to see a real (italian-style?) sausage meat.  

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