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  •  My heart goes out to you. (10+ / 0-)

    We recently lost our 8 year old Cavalier.  It was sudden and unexpected and we still aren't over it.  The word 'pet' doesn't do justice to those four-legged beings who consent to share our lives with them.  They become part of the warp and woof of our lives and leave a terrible hole when they leave us.

    The word 'Pet' doesn't do them justice.  They are family members who give so much and ask so little.  The pain of losing a pet is the pain of losing a family member.

    A favorite story:

    A man finds himself walking along a country road, with no idea of how he got there.  Then he notices that his beloved dog is walking along with him, which is strange, since the dog died years ago.

    It was a warm day and after walking quite aways he comes to golden gates, behind which are streets paved with gold, choirs singing, and beings with white wings floating above clouds of white.  He walks up to the gates and an old guy with a long white beard welcomes him.  "You understand that you are dead, don't you?" asks the old man.  "But you have arrived at your reward for living a good life."

    The man is happy and starts to enter, but the old man says, "I'm sorry sir, but pets aren't allowed here".   The man thinks about it for a moment and decides that he had to leave his beloved dog once, he's not going to leave him again, no matter what.  So he turns away from the pearly gates and continues down the road.

    After walking a long ways down the road he comes to an rambling old farmhouse, with an old man in overalls sitting in a rocker on the front porch and a well in the front yard.  Beyond the farm house is a nice looking meadow.  His dog looks longingly at the meadow, hoping for a romp.  The old man on the front porch gets up from his rocker, comes down off the porch and offers the man a glass of water.  The man accepts and asks if he can have a bowl of water for his dog.

    The old man nods pleasantly, draws up a bucket of water, pours a glass full for the man and fills a bowl for the dog as well.  

    After chatting for a little while the old man says, "Oh, by the way, welcome to Heaven."  

    The man is startled and says, "I thought I passed Heaven a ways back.  You know, pearly gates, angels, St. Peter?"

    "Nah", replies the old man, "that's Hell".  

    "I don't understand", says the man.

    The old man looks at him and smiled.  "You don't think we really want anyone in here who would leave their dog behind, do you?"


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