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  •  sometimes they have a mission - a purpose for (11+ / 0-)

    being here and when that is complete, they move on... my ariadne was one of those.  she died at 8 years of heart issues... but she had been there to "be" my emotions.  all those i could not express, i learned to feel through her.

    i said to her just weeks before she died - "ari, i don't NEED you any more - i can FEEL now!" - not that i didn't "want" her or love her, that she knew completely - but she had taught me how to feel.

    less than a month later she was gone in less than 24 hrs.


    she came back - years later, when i had broken my back (the first time), i was hobbling about - driving home when this big white "shepherd" was lying in the middle of the gas lane by the pumps.

    i got out and told her to "go home!" - asked everyone who she belonged to but the station manager said she had been there all day and wouldn't move from that spot.

    when i tried to coax her to leave the dangerous area, she followed me to my car expectantly.  i couldn't lift her - i had a broken back and was in a brace.  every time i tried to leave that station lot, i looked back to see her absolutely crestfallen!  so, i turned around and told her that if she could get in the car, i'd take her home until i found her people.

    one month later, she stopped someone from entering my house in the middle of the night - he was halfway through the window but it was her threatening bark and blocking my passage way to the door that drove him away.

    she had found her "people" - it was me.  several months later when my sister came to visit, she looked into m'lady's eyes and exclaimed "ARIADNE" - and m'lady dropped her head, smiling, and then i realized who she was.

    so, charles and kitsap, raven was there to help you both through kitsap's journey - now she is on to assist another - but if you need her, she will return...

    as nimbus showed me a month after he died when i was suddenly overcome with grief, they are not very far away from us - ever.

    look closely at the clouds and you will see my " . . . J O Y " - for that was what i always called him.  it was as i stepped into the dark so overcome by loss that i looked up and saw this.  the picture was taken with a cell phone at 11pm at night.

    hugs to you all - and know that your flatcoats are indeed nearby!


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