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View Diary: What the freak ever happened to the common wisdom that you don't mix business with politics?!?!?!?! (256 comments)

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    Over twenty years ago I was buying a suit in Nordstom's.  I am a large woman, and as some of you may know, plus sizes are priced significantly higher than non-plus sizes, even for the identical item.

    The selection was sparse and I commented on it.  The sales woman told me the department was being phased out.  As we spoke she was quite upset about it, and hoped I would let the head office know I was concerned about it.  Of course she was concerned because her commission was larger on the plus sizes she sold.

    I asked some questions and was told the department was not being phased out because of profits (in fact the plus size department was more profitable than the "regular" sized women's department) but because the Nordstrom  head office had made the decision that having large women in the store detracted from the hip and fashionable image they wanted to present.

    After being told this I made comments to the effect that if they didn't want my money for larger clothes, they also must not want my money for shoes, purses, jewlery, makeup, etc.  I've only been back in the store once in the past twenty years to buy a special gift for a 75th birthday (I couldn't get it anywhere else).  

    I understand they reintroduced plus sizes within a year because the department was so profitable.  However I still have no desire to shop somewhere that doesn't value me as much as my money.

    Whether businesses exclude customers because of "image" or "politics,"  they better be willing to live with their decisions for a long time.  

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