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View Diary: What the freak ever happened to the common wisdom that you don't mix business with politics?!?!?!?! (256 comments)

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    Nicci August, dotdash2u, StellaRay

    A local coffee shop put up republican signs for various races in 2008. I sent them an email to let them know I would no longer patronize their shop because of those signs, which is a shame as they are non-chain.

    Anyway, they haven't put out signs since, so perhaps they recognized it didn't make good business sense.

    If you have more than you need but don't have empathy you must be a republican.

    by Cecile on Wed Nov 21, 2012 at 11:47:07 AM PST

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      the business know WHY you're not coming back.  It can be done very politely---in fact I find the nicer you are the more nervous they look.  

      It seems crazy that people who own a business can't figure this out without a customer telling them, but then that's why I wrote this diary. These days there seems to be a real lack of common sense out there when it comes to politics.

      "A typical vice of American politics is the avoidance of saying anything real on real issues." Theodore Roosevelt.

      by StellaRay on Wed Nov 21, 2012 at 02:40:46 PM PST

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