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View Diary: No Health Insurance, No Income, Cracked Teeth - Friend Needs Advice (50 comments)

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  •  Get the work done in Taiwan---seriously (7+ / 0-)

    Not a Mitt Romney piece of advice either. The total, including 3 night's hotel, transportation, dental work, and flight from East Coast would come to about $2200 (and food is cheap too).

    I travel to Taiwan once a year with my business partner, who's Taiwanese. 3 years ago he needed to replace 11 false teeth. This would have cost about 12-14k in the US. The price in Taiwan---about $1500. I cracked a tooth about 7 years ago and had my  New York (at the time) dentist build a crown. Cost was $1100. Then two years ago the entire top part of one of my molars splintered off---about 1/3 of the tooth. I actually brought it with my to Taiwan to see if my partner's dentist could do anything. He looked that the piece of tooth, threw it in the garbage, and proceeded to build up the tooth. He did as good a job (based on look and feel) as my NYC dentist. The fee was about $125. guess is that all the dental work needed by your friend would come to well under 1k in Taiwan. The cost of flying there is about $1300 from the East Coast (I got a cheaper flight this yr in mid December), less from west coast. It's also a really beautiful place with with high mountains, great beaches in the South, lots of hot springs (one of the reasons the Japanese took it over in the early 20th Century), great food, cheap hotels (I paid about $40 last time I stayed in a hotel in Taipei---in a "Business"

    Anyway...something to think about.

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