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View Diary: Kentucky Dropping the Ball on Health Care Again. (5 comments)

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    ...won't cover care by a physician's assistant or nurse practioner on their own.  They must be connected with a doctor.  This is a union plan through the Maryland BCBS outfit.  I've gotten excellent care from a couple of PAs, and my wife has gotten excellent care from a NP.  I support them.

    Too many titles.  Regardless of their path to certification, let's have PAs and NPs get the same high level training and have the same title.

    •  This is because... (1+ / 0-)
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      Of this "state by state" differences in regulation. Currently APRNs and their organizations are working toward the "Consensus Model" to standardize training, scope of practice and capabilities in all 50 states. Some states NPs can bill insurance like physicians, while some of the more restrictive states like say Indiana they have to "bill" under a physician.

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