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  •  Amazing. Amazing that you are teaching again and (5+ / 0-)
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    willing to take on such a tough assignment.

    Amazing, too, that a school like this exists. The press and politicians would have the public believe that teachers have cushy jobs with high pay and benefits. This does not sound like a cushy job.

    I am fortunate to teach in a small town public school with a great staff. We have huge community support for our programs and sports. We have many parent volunteers to help in classrooms and our PTO raises funds to fill in the gaps financially.

    I have had students with baggage, too, such as one or both parents in jail, cases of sexual or physical abuse, neglect, grandparents raising grandchildren, alcoholic parents, out of work parents, lack of adequate food, and more. We are a microcosm of society in the U.S. Even small towns are not exempt from what goes on in the greater society.

    The difference may be the fact that our community holds education in high regard. We teachers feel supported and that we make an important impact here. That's what keeps me going in spite of the Gov. Snyder and the Michigan legislators who keep hacking away at teacher benefits, pay, tenure, and make it more and more difficult for teachers to actually teach.

    Kudos to you and teachers like you everywhere!

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    by 50sbaby on Wed Nov 21, 2012 at 08:09:04 AM PST

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