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  •  Society? Lower costs? (2+ / 0-)
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    George3, melo
    Why do the affluent think it is in their best interest to let kids like this fall through the cracks and get left behind? How does denying them a good education lower costs to society?
    Because they don't see any real cost to their own lives.

    If they are affluent enough, the added tax burden is negligible to them (despite their howls of protest). They live and work in places where the poor don't go, can't go, or are easy to ignore.

    The uncaring affluent don't really think about "society" in the same way we do. Their society is small, exclusive, and unconcerned with anything that has to do with the poor.

    Their view? Education is for those who will go on to college, graduate schools, professional schools. No one cares if the guy taking orders at McDonald's knows anything about history or economics. And, anyway, they don't go to McDonald's.

    "I think in America, the opposite of poverty is justice." Bryan Stevenson

    by gfre on Wed Nov 21, 2012 at 09:46:11 AM PST

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