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  •  A few days ago, I talk a walk with the intention (4+ / 0-)

    taking pictures of some scenery. When I went outside, I saw a bald eagle. I was really excited since I'd never seen one before. I would have doubted my own eyes, but my sister saw it too and when I looked online there has been at least one other sighting nearby. Then as I was coming back, we saw a deer in the neighbor's yard. I was starting to regret having put the wrong lens on my camera. So I started to approach very slowly. I was surprised how close I got. Finally, I had to stop taking pictures because there was almost no light left. I know deer are a little boring for most people, but I live within the city limits.

    I didn't crop the photo so you can get a sense of how close we got.

    Now, I've got to get off my ass and bake a pie.

    •  That sounds like a great walk (4+ / 0-)

      Deer can be difficult to get close to. They are very cagey where we live. But then people hunt them round these parts.

      And a Bald Eagle! WOW. I haven't seen one outside of a zoo yet either. That would be very exciting.

      •  It's a suburban neighborhood, so no one's about (3+ / 0-)

        to hunt anything. The neighborhood has a reputation for being a little artsy and progressive, and if the law signs during election season are any indication that's correct. Although most of the houses have lawns edged by flowers and some vegetable gardens, there's not a tendency towards the perfectly manicured look that requires lots of pesticides and not a few people have wooded lots. So we get a disproportionate amount of wildlife considering that it's a suburban area within the city of Baltimore. It's great for birds and bugs, though I'm still waiting to see a turkey. We're a little short on large mammels, though I've seen deer a couple of times before. That and a loud mangey fox. The eagle really puzzled me because I know they usually live near water, but then I recalled that there's a river relatively nearby, close as the crow, or the eagle, flies but a little long on foot.

        The most dangerous things around besides the cars are cats and dogs.

        Here's a couple of other pictures that give you a sense of he neighborhood. They're taken from about the same spot, but facing different directions.

        If you look in the background, you can see that the actual density of the houses is quite suburban, but you can also see what I'm saying about things not being highly manicured. It's a pretty little neighborhood. It's my sister's, not mine.

        It's probably not what people have in mind when I say that I'm in Baltimore - not exactly The Wire.

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