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View Diary: A Bi-Sexual in Congress And We Don't Care - Are We At The Dawn Of The Great "Get It On"? (29 comments)

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  •  Isn't that up to the voter? (7+ / 0-)

    I can vote based on anything I want to base my vote on:  what the candidate says, political party, town the candidate comes from, what kind of vehicle he/she drives, race, ethnicity, gender (I'm a woman, nothing prevents me from voting for a particular candidate because that candidate is a woman and I want to see more women in office), sexual orientation, the fact that I do or do not like his/her name, or hair color, or clothes, or whatever.  

    We have a lot of. . . . "not intelligent," or "not thoughtful" voters who base a vote on something that you, or I, do not consider a factor that "should" influence a vote.  But their votes count every bit as much as yours do.  That's how it works in our democratic republic.  

    It is up to the candidates, or those supporting them, to convince voters why that candidate deserves their vote.  And part of that convincing is convincing the voters which issues are important enough to base a vote on.  

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