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    Holy thought police, bat girl! Police in Iowa arrested a pregnant woman in her second trimester last month for telling a nurse she’d been thinking about having an abortion. While in the hospital after falling down a flight of stairs, Christine Taylor, 22, told a nurse about her employment and marital woes; Christine also said she’d considered both abortion and adoption before deciding to carry her pregnancy to full-term. The nurse then got suspicious that Christine had been trying to self-abort by throwing herself down the stairs — Christine was arrested under Iowa’s feticide laws, and the poor woman spent two days in jail.
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    Those reasons, and more, are why personhood amendments were rejected every single time by voters. And also why there is such a huge push to make it law without voters, on both state and federal levels. Paul Ryan and Todd Akin co-sponsored the "Sanctity of Life " bill, and CO had HB 1130, also a personhood amendment. HB 1130 engendered a great deal of protest and was dropped. Not sure what happened with the Sanctity of Life crap.

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