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View Diary: SEIU workers rallying at LAX during peak holiday travel (23 comments)

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    I was an SEIU member for years and years. I love them and support all their work; we had good jobs, stable benefits and they did a terrific job in negotiating our contracts.  I supported and still support their strikes, rare as they are any more.


    IMHO many of the unions still use 1950's tactics like this and it's a big mistake. This isn't going to garner any support from the public. In fact, it will cause great resentment.

    And why oh why do the unions persist in these rallies all wearing identiical hideous T-shirts?  Jesus H. Christ on a pogo stick -- look like the professionals that you are!!!! Have some awareness of the optics -- do they think that photo up there with overweight persons in hideous T-shirts is going to excite passengers trying to get to their family dinners while dodging some chanting, sign-holding, intimidating people? I don't think so.

    The unions need to update their organizing tactics -- badly!  Having Trumka front and center -- and God bless him for the work that he does -- is a bad idea. They need to get some lessons on messaging that reflect the dire situation of the unions here in the 21st century. People no longer automatically support union efforts, and the unions need to find a way to put out a message that will garner public support.

    For example. We get great public support from the New York Times demonstration. Great public support, and media support, for the Hostess situation -- thanks in large part to our brother bluebarnstormer. Great, great media presence. But this OWS thing in Oakland? Another story. And this dumbass SEIU thing? Bad, bad idea.

    /end of rant

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