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View Diary: SoS Hillary Clinton and Egyptian Foreign Minister Announce Cease-Fire Between Hamas and Israel (163 comments)

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    angry marmot

    I have my own perspective on this which predates Obama's run for President, because I was co-teaching Postcolonial Theory at that time in a World Literatures course which looked at global economics as a driving force behind current U.S. Imperialism, and because it came to my attention that we had this Senator who had a relationship with Said. So I found that fascinating. This was before the criticisms of Obama came down the pipeline since, at that time, he wasn't running for President yet.

    I then heard, some years later, that he was. I didn't immediately recall him. But when I did, this was one of my inspirations for his early support. I thought he was very educated on the issue and might prove to create some ideological shifts toward the plight of Palestinians while also not being overly hawkish. Are we seeing that now? It's impossible to say since I'm not privy to what goes on in his mind. But it is noteworthy, and not because of D'Souza (I have no idea who he is, FWIW). We are seeing a different approach from the White House, as Spit and Last Years Man, point to above, then we have previously in regard to Gaza. Talking points aside (and these aren't policy; these are basic rhetorical touchstones that Americans and, or others, need to hear). So we need to look to what's going on. And it looks a little different. But only time will tell how different it is. I was pleased to hear Obama bring up, on his own volition, a two-state solution for Israel-Palestine recently. That wasn't necessary. But he did bring it up.

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      angry marmot

      Said, criticisms aside, is a seminal figure to all Postcolonial Theorists! Absolutely. Hands down. Like Franz Fanon. Both right and wrong. But undeniably influential. For an academic like me, and my work has indeed moved into some different directions since then, he was a source of fascination for me (my current view of Postcolonial Theory is pretty in line with the MLA's own stance, FWIW).

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