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  •  On a brighter note, I applaud Lana Wachowski (4+ / 0-)

    and being new to this site, I hope it is appropriate to post this video here on this diary: Lana Wachowski receives the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) Visibility Award

    I just had to post this somewhere, since I was so blown away by this woman and her speech. Please know that I do so only with the greatest respect for this somber remembrance.

    I just watched her speech last night and having never seen Lana Wachowski prior to this video, this was the first impression I had of her. Not surprising, apparently, since she and her brother have been rather reclusive and guarded of their privacy (or rather, of their anonymity, as she explains in her speech.) Like the public at large, I only knew of her and her brother's works: The Matrix Trilogy, V For Vendetta, and I just saw Cloud Atlas and LOVED IT!!!, and so, I can only envision her as she is today in this video, an adorable powerful wise sweet endearing pretty woman! And after watching this video, I googled her name to read her wikipedia page and learn a little more of her life story, and in doing so, I saw pictures of her prior to her transformation, and I was struck with the distinct feeling that this here today is her true form, where she shines, and I felt the sadness she must have felt over the years, not being able to let her true beauty shine, as a female spirit. Her mannerisms, her gestures, her words, and the way she courts the audience, these so reminded me of several female lovers from my past, and in Lana, they did not feel like learned or adopted affectations, not at all. They felt like her true self naturally sharing of her life journey. Conversely, it was the images of her as a man that seemed "not right" or "not natural" -- so true, honest and genuine was her female gesture. But then, one might ask, what is male or female nature, anyway, for even I, as a man, have a sacred feminine in myself, as the Asian Yin/Yang symbol teaches us. I wished she had come of age in a society where was able to adopt that which she was drawn to when she was young and that there was no "binary" gender that demanded she be pegged in a hole that simply did not fit her. Her tale of her near suicide struck deep and painful. How many live with this same unnecessary shame and fear.

    She shines in this speech, and her coming out of her "lifestyle of anonymity" is a noble courageous gesture that we should all honor.

    Lana Wachowski receives the HRC Visibility Award

    Please do watch the entire speech, for it is all so endearingly inspirational, moving and touching, but this choice excerpt was so sweet and endearing of her brother's love, that I had to point it out.

    = TRANSCRIPT EXCERPT (@28m05s) =

    'Invisibility is indivisible from visibility'

    For the transgender this is not simply a philosophical conundrum, it could be the difference between life and death.

    A few short weeks ago after my coming out, three of us, Tom, Andy, and I, were being interviewed, one of the reporters ventured away from the subject of the film, towards my gender.

    Imagine that, a reporter!

    [Lana smirking.]

    [Audience laughter.]

    My brother quickly stepped in:
    "Look, just so we're clear," he says, "If somebody asks something or says something about my sister that I don't like. Understand, I will break a bottle over their head!"

    [Audience roaring cheers!]

    [Lana Joyous Loving Laugh!]

    Few words express love clearer than these.

    I would second her brother's words in a New York minute.

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