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    The State legislature is oh oh oh so important. I wonder why there is so little attention to it on this forum.
    Republicans are going to change (I mean destroy) this country, ONE STATE at  a time. And we (progressives) will be wondering what happened to America.
    Mississippi, Alabama, Arkansas, South Carolina are coming to WI, OH,MI,NH,PA, NC, ...etc.

    I live in NC and the results of the elections have scared me to death. We now have a Rep. Governor, Republican Legislature and the first things on their agenda are going to take North Carolina to South Carolina level.
    +Voter ID Laws
    +Cuts to Education
    +Off Shore Drilling
    +Tax Cuts to bring cheap jobs to NC
    +Opposing Obamacare
    +Destruction of the safety net.
    Every time I listen to local Right Wing Radio here in NC (We do have plenty of those), It just makes me go ... WOW!!!

    I have been listening to local politics and I don't even have the feeling that the Democrats here even care about it. Some are trying to join Pat McCrory's government (that's the NC Governor).

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