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  •  I would love to study these folks to see where (4+ / 0-)
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    SneakySnu, Tfill, brunoboy, Ahianne

    ... they're from, how old they are, and how their brains work. My guess is that most of them are crusty, old racists who sit in their Barcaloungers glued to Fox News all day while simultaneously having their radios tuned to the likes of lunatic Mark Levin and Rush.

    They inhabit a tiny little universe where talking about shit like "the blood of patriots" and arming themselves for the coming violent revolution are ways for them to vent their frustrations at being crusty, old racists sitting in Barcaloungers watching Fox News and listening to Mark Levin and Limbaugh.

    Like any of these bitter, angry old fucks are going to rise out of their recliners and lead a revolution.

    "Oh shit... I just wet myself."

    •  I don't think they're necessarily old (2+ / 0-)
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      Tonga 23, wasatch

      and I'm afraid many of them have attended university.  

      I teach study abroad students from U.S. universities, and every semester I find supposed straight-A students who cannot compose a complete sentence and who apparently haven't had the least introduction to humanistic studies or history.  

      As a result, they don't know how to think, which results in the kind of sad attempts at logic seen above.  

      There's a phrase I love from the film Palombella Rossa by the Italian director Nanni Moretti:  "Chi parla male, pensa male, e vive male. Bisogna trovare le parole giuste: le parole sono importanti!"  Translation:  "If you speak badly, you think badly and you live badly.  You have to find the right words:  words are important!"  

      But having knowledge of Nanni Moretti simply makes me one of those intellectual Commies who is probably part of the traitorous Electoral College.

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