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  •  ShitMitt the Liar got within 64 Electoral (2+ / 0-)
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    College votes of the presidency.

    -- High functioning sociopath, maybe a psychopath depending on the strength of the element, sadism.

    -- Woman-killer. That was Leola Anderson, 57, at Beaulac France in France when he was a missionary and a poor driver.

    -- "White Horse Prophecy" believer with himself in the role of One Mighty and Strong, which he had as a nickname from BYU in Provo.

    -- Cult propagandist. This is not referring to the Christian side of Mormonism, but to Smith and Young and more current extremists who insist on male and white racial domination of society.

    -- Fraudulent polls were used to bilk donors of large sums of money.

    -- Romney's Facebook page was pumped up fraudulently with artificial "LIKE" ratings and other Internet fakery.

    The auto accident that killed Leola Anderson was covered up with a number of faked items and statements. One of these was a forged article, purporting to be from Sud Ouest in Bordeaux France.

    The other driver in that accident was Bishop Jean Vilnet. Romney started blaming him for the wreck on the Monday morning after that 1968 accident.

    All in all, the Republicans do not care who or what they nominate to high office. Corporate press stopped functioning as a Fourth Estate twenty years ago. There is no protection in place to keep these axxholes from breaking our constitutional democracy.

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