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  •  The larger truth: the GOP is itself irrelevant. (5+ / 1-)

    It is not just the fact that they have officially lost the popular vote in five of the past six presidential election cycles, it is the fact that if one considers their Ohio election frauds shenanigans in Ohio in 2004 (we in Ohio know just how this happened), the GOP has not truly won a presidential election since 1988.

    In short, an entire generation of Americans has grown up with no knowledge of a GOP President being called the winner on Election night (even in 2004 Ohio, with all the shenanigans, was not called until well into the following day.)

    The simple truth is that the GOP is now a minority party representing an extreme minority interest, and, no matter what candidate they put up (Rubio and Christie mean nothing--ultimately the very positions of the GOP will do them in), they simply cannot prevail when most of the country no longer views the issues, and how those issues should be addressed, as they do.

    Yes, the GOP has often prevailed in midterms, but this has occurred when the Democrats do not turn out in the numbers that reflect their majority status.  In other words, the GOP can only win when the real majority of the electorate does not show up at the polls.

    To insure that this majority is prevented from representation has been the cardinal goal of the GOP these past few years.  In Ohio, now the classic of all swing states, the understanding by the GOP that they are henceforth doomed never to win here a presidential year popular vote has led them to the most drastic and obvious of suppress the vote measures.  

    Possibly the most corrupt of GOP lackeys, Ohio Secretary of State John Husted, having attempted every conceivable way to deny President Barack Obama a victory here in 2012, is now openly attempting to utterly change the electoral process so that it never again reflects the state's popular will, but instead is determined by the very non-representative process of emphasizing the will of a distinct minority in gerrymandered districts.  Thus, in this past year, although the GOP clearly lost the popular vote, they would have prevailed by securing a full twelve of the eighteen Ohio electorals.

    What the brilliant Obama/Biden ground game and its equally matchless microanalysis of where the votes to win truly are must now do is apply that same success story to midterm elections.

    For what is certain now is that the GOP, which was long ago doomed to becoming an ever smaller minority and in reality irrelevant in presidential years, has no hope of ever seeing a Republican in the White House unless they can circumnavigate the popular will.  That is not what the framers of our Constitution wanted, but rest assured that this suppression of popular will defines the current GOP itself.

    They can never accept the verdict of the electorate because they, having become themselves lower than the "forty-seven percent," need now to think in terms of how a minority can successfully subvert the popular will.  Like the wonderful diarist on "The Chronicles of Mitt," the GOP now can only act like our "betters," inasmuch as the reality is that they will never again have the status of even being our equals.

    •  HRed for CT (0+ / 0-)

      Quite possibly better ignored, but actually HRing makes the discussion of community moderation less abstract.

      it is the fact that if one considers their Ohio election frauds shenanigans in Ohio in 2004 (we in Ohio know just how this happened), the GOP has not truly won a presidential election since 1988.
      Not as I construe the word "fact."

      Election protection: there's an app for that! -- and a toll-free hotline: 866-OUR-VOTE
      Better Know Your Voting System with the Verifier!

      by HudsonValleyMark on Thu Nov 22, 2012 at 07:31:47 AM PST

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